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Industrial and Business Photography is one of my passions.  To be able to promote a company or industry and the people of vision who drive these companies to boost our communities on both local and word stages is something I have a great appreciation for.


I enjoy putting on a pair of steel toed boots and safety vest, being onsite taking photos and learning about the companies that are in many cases the backbone of our local economies; just as much as setting up lights and a backdrop in the main office for headshots for the executives and employees who work for and run our local businesses on a day to day basis. 



I have spent a large amount of my career photographing large oilfield trucks, trailer and heavy equipment. I have a special place in my heart for the people who work with this equipment on the roads and in remote places that keep them away from their families far more than they would like sometimes. The love they have for what they are doing is inspiring and being able to capture them at work is a privilege for me.

I am a strong supporter of Local business, I will always jump at the chance to showcase small and large companies in our area.  I have met some great people over the last few years and learned about some local businesses that I had not had the opportunity to hear about until I was on site taking photos for them.  

We have a strong community with a great amount of diversity in industry, what better way to show the world what we have to offer than with great photos that will last a lifetime.