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Health and Fitness is something I have always been drawn to.   

An active lifestyle is a benefit not only to ourselves but to our families as well.  Leading by example is very important and something I continue to try everyday to maintain in my own life.


Sometimes keeping ourselves motivated can be more than half the battle.  It takes dedication to get up and hit the gym before work or after getting the kids off to school. When working on our own why not track our progress with photos with before after or a monthly update. This can help us stay motivated and be a tangible reminder when we are having one of those bad days that we are worth the time and effort it takes to keep going.  


I am offering fitness journey photography, I can build a memory book from the start of your journey and follow your progress for as long as you like, with the option of before and after photos with your story or a monthly update with photos and the story of your journey to your vision of healthy and happy. A memory book can be just for yourself or to share as motivation with your family friends and children.



 Team sports are also a great way to stay connected in our communities and with our peers no matter what age and fitness level we are at.  Young, old and any age in between we all have something to offer and enjoy with a team.  

I offer action sports photography and would love to be included in any of your games taking photos of your team working together.  I will be in the background capturing as much of the action as possible whether it is for one game or a tournament.  You will receive a link to an online gallery within days of your game to download and share on social media or we can offer top quality prints for your team to enjoy for years to come.


No matter where your journey takes you photographic memories are a way to relive and enjoy the important, enjoyable and sometimes life changing parts of our journey.  

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