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52 Weeks Fine Art & Manual Mode

Week 7 & 9 of the 52 weeks photography challenge were both ones that could be done in a wide variety of ways, with so many options I find it harder to decide what to shoot. I have been told in my life that I tend to overthink things and in some cases that might be a detrement but when it comes to challenging myself I personally feel it brings out the best in me.

Week 7 was a photo in manual mode, this means that you dont have the camera make any of the choices for you. You control the shutter speed, Aperture and Iso, this gives the photographer more artistic control over the finished project.

For the challenge I chose to capture the beautiful flowers my children gifted me on valentines day, I placed them in the speckled blue enamel pitcher I picked up at a local antique store this past summer, I love the bright colors against the snowy backdrop of our wintery yard.

Week 9 of the challenge was a photo classed as "Fine Art" now art is truly subjective. Some of us can look at a photograph or painting and think its beautiful or we like or don't like it and we will purchase or share a photo based on our enjoyment of the image. Other people will take in all the technical features, did the artist use the rule of thirds or was the balance between light and shadow to their liking.

When I think of "Fine Art" I think of museums and galleries, beautiful or thought provoking images. I am drawn to the black and whites of Ansel Adams and the work of Cynthia Feustal, an artist who paints such beautiful images that it feels like you can step right into the scene.

I have the soul of an artist and whether I am working on a drawing or hunting for the right photograph I tend to get so focused on what I am doing that I loose all track of time. This also means, in my case, I am not terribly organized and unless I give myself strict deadlines I will get lost in my work until I am finished. I have had a file on my desktop titled " Images to work with " for quite a while now and I knew I had to wait for a project that would get me working but also have a deadline to keep me focused. I hope you enjoy these photos from the series I am calling "Forgotten Places" I loved them both and couldn't choose one.

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