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52 Weeks "Noir" Style Photography

I wasn't sure exactly what "Noir" photography was so I used the ever handy tool we all love named google. As soon as I saw the first image it was obvious and the name made perfect sense. We all have memories of the old 1940/50 style of movies where the cityscapes were ominous and the character could be found behind a detectives desk or hiding in a back alley in their trench coat and hat waiting for the bad guy to come along.

For those of us who never quite got into the old movies think "Sin City" the comic book style Noir Film is a testament to the fact that some styles never get old.

I wanted to do something a little different, to put my own twist on the challenge.

As many of you know a lot of my focus as a photographer has been dedicated to job site or small business photography. I decided to take this challenge and transform it to something that fit my style as well.

This photo will always have a special place in my heart, The subject is actually my Dad.

My Dad has always been my hero, the one who if I was lost in the city I could call without a moments hesitation, describe some random sometimes half falling down building or confusing side street, and he would know exactly where I was and could lead me out while on the phone, much to my relief. (On a side note since google maps became available on phones I don't get lost nearly as often.)

My Dad has worn many hats in his lifetime, the one that stood out the most to me was always his Hard Hat. I like to think that the faraway look in his eyes came from putting that Hard Hat back on after so many years retired.

For me this photo brought back memories of Dad coming home from work either after a long day or night shift running equipment for the city or in later years from much longer times away when he was heat testing up in Fort McMurray.

No matter what job or career my Dad had his work ethic was always very went to work to work and you did your best. At the end of his shift he always came home to my Mom, Brother and I and we spent time as a family, secure in the knowledge that no matter what Dad would always be there and we were happy and looked after.

No matter how many years retired or how life and age change us, I will always respect and love my Dad for who he was; what he taught me about hard work and also for the wonderful Grandfather he has become.

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