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52 Weeks of Photography

I recently joined a facebook group that has a 52 week photography challenge. The group aims at giving photographers of all skill levels a forum to try new things and get advice, learn and grow from other photographers in the group. I believe this is a great way for me to try things I normally would not have attempted and grow in ways that will build my creativity and help me grow as a photographer.

I will be posting a new story each week to show you guys what I have come up with to meet the challenges. Tonight I will show you my first 3 projects.

1 was a self portrait which is something I always struggle with as I tend to prefer being behind he camera at all times lol

The 2nd is night shot ....for this one I stuck with my love of industrial photography and shot a picture of a lit up rig that is in the process of being built here in Nisku.

The 3rd we had the option of a close focus or macro shot and since I don't yet have a macro lens I decided to test out the capabilities of my Huawei P20 Pro cell phone. For the subject I used a brass hydraulic pump barrel that my son brought home from work.

I hope to have some more shots for you soon as I catch up on the first few weeks of the challenge. Any comments or ideas of photos to shoot for the coming weeks are more than welcome. Next week's assignment is a photo taken in manual mode so that leaves so many options.

I hope you enjoy the shots I have to show you so far.....

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