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52 Weeks Of Photography, "Outside"

Abandoned Places Series Tracy Lynn Photography

Week 11...This weeks challenge was "Outside" it leaves things very open, it could be anything from signs of spring, kids playing, scenery, animals or many more things.

I decided to go out for another photography drive with my Mom, my 2 year old and my 11 year old. We found some interesting fields still covered in snow and some old broken down houses which I love to photograph.

At one of the abandoned houses I saw this tree in the front yard. The tree has obviously been there since the home was built and has outlasted all the owners and the structure itself.

I have always been drawn to black and white photography and saw this as an opportunity to create something a little different than your standard landscape.

Noticing the pile of kids toys still in the yard I can imagine many children over the years climbing in the branches of this beautiful piece of nature and like to think at one point there may have even been an old tire swing hanging from one of the stronger boughs of this majestic old tree.

I never thought I would be a landscape photographer but with each passing day I am finding that no matter what my subject may be, from an antique vase, portrait of someone with a story to tell or this tree, each photograph for me tells its own story. I hope to continue finding new stories to share each day so we don't forget to look at the beauty around us in our hectic lives.

I will be featuring some of my prints at the Leduc Art Walk 2019 on July 13th. If you are interested in purchasing any prints come visit us at our booth and enjoy a hopefully sunny day surrounded by some of our areas best artists and artisans.

I also take custom orders and can be reached through the contact me link on the website.

Next weeks on board challenge is a shot featuring Leading Lines. I Cant wait to get out shooting again and see what more our area has to offer.

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