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52 Weeks Photography Challenge

Hello again everyone, I am back with 3 more photos for the 52 Weeks Photography Challenge. These ones definitely brought out my more creative side....

1. This weeks challenge was to take a photo of something new. That can be done in so many ways, we have new flowers, new babies, new pets the choices are astronomical. I am not sure how many of you are dealing with this awful polar vortex that is settled over Alberta and other areas of Canada but it sure made me less inclined to venture to far from my warm house to get a photo. That of course got me thinking, as much as we are all hating this freezing cold weather, there are very few things as beautiful as a field of freshly fallen untouched snow. I am lucky to live out in the country and was able to get this shot from my back deck.

2. The next assignment was a Kitchen picture. As I am sure many of you know I have always loved to bake and I have reworked most of my recipes to fit my Gluten Free needs in ways that family and friends can barely tell the difference. This is a photo of our most enjoyed types of cookie a gluten free Snickerdoodle.....and yes I am more than happy to pass along the recipe to anyone who would like to give them a try.

3. The last photo I have to share this post is one of my favorites. The challenge was too photograph a composition. A composition can be described as placement of relative objects and elements in a work of art. I thought I would continue with the same style and use the wonderfully tasty cookies from the last photograph as a starting point for my composition piece.

I hope you all enjoyed these choices for the last couple weeks challenges. I cant wait to show you whats next for the photograph taken in Manual mode for week 7 of the challenge.

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