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Fourth Friday Block Party In Leduc, AB

I had the opportunity to spend some time at one of our Fourth Friday Block Parties last month. I have seen it advertised and always meant to get out to participate but something always seemed to come up. After going out last month though I am not going to let another one slip past without attending. I would say I was surprised to see the amount of vendors and live entertainment that take the time to set up each month but honestly I am not, Leduc is a great community that bands together in many ways including our arts community.

I enjoyed being able to walk down Main Street Leduc and watch the kids playing and creating art on the roadway with sidewalk chalk and the dancers in attendance with Connectivity Dance Studio seemed to be having a great time showing off their skills for the community as a whole. With live music from Turner Guitar Studio and Food Trucks and Booths onsite from Phat Tony's and Habenaros we had plenty to take in and enjoy in every way. I loved the chance to browse the artisans booths and speak to some of our local artists and saw so very many things I could picture enjoying at home and in our yard. With the Fire Truck and Petting Zoo it is every kids dream evening out and honestly who wouldn't want to take the chance to pet an alpaca or pony and climb around inside the fire truck to see part of how our fire fighters are equipped to help us when we are in need.

I look forward to this coming Fourth Friday Block Party and can't wait to sit and enjoy a great meal and some family time while listening to some of the live entertainment our community has to offer. With so many booths that highlight a great assortment of artisans and services our community has to offer I hope you too will take the time to stop by and enjoy the evening as well.

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