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Get Into The Action At Nurfaggedon

Leduc has a great new place to keep kids and adults alike busy, burning energy and having fun. Located right in the heart of downtown on Main Street, Nurfaggedon is a literally a blast!

I had the opportunity to join in as the photographer for the grand opening and can't wait to get back in with the kids again. The building has been turned into a maze with creative graffiti and places to hide while hunting or laying in wait for your friends or the opposite team to get within range to tag them with a well timed Nurf attack.

The staff is friendly & Knowledgeable and all you need to bring is the desire to have fun and enjoy a little competition. Safety glasses and nurf guns are supplied, the only rules are keep your glasses on and don't shoot anyone in the bathroom.

With the option of booking for a larger group or hitting one of the drop in days and joining in with like minded community members for some wholesome fun.

All ages are welcome and encouraged to join in the fun. For those guests who would rather sit and relax you can watch the action from the comfy main lobby on the big screen,

as your friends and family work their way through the hallways and hiding spots to hopefully rein supreme at the end of the game.

Nurfaggedon has got to be my new favorite spot for birthdays and I can only hope a company party or retreat this year.

Make sure to check it out for yourself and don't be shy grab a pair of safety glasses and a nurf gun and join in the fun.

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