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On-Site With APE...American Pile Driving Equipment

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

It has been a while since I have spent time in a safety vest working on a job site so when given the opportunity to join in and capture some photos for APE this week I jumped at the chance.

I was able to see just how versatile and maneuverable equipment on this scale can be. I have to admit had I been driving my truck under the low hanging power lines in the yard I probably would have crouched in my seat even though that of course does no good ; I was surprised at the ease in which the crew lowered the boom carrying the Vibro to pass under the lines with no problem at all.

It was a sight to see, hear and feel the vibrations in the ground as the Vibro followed by the Hydraulic Impact Hammer made quick work of the test piles the crew was working with.

It may have been a bit chilly outside but was well worth digging out my snow pants and winter coat to join in on this job.

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