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Showcase Your Business With Tracy Lynn Photography....

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working for a company that was a bit ahead of their time in customer service. The owner believed in a few things that he would not budge on, the first was no matter how cost effective he would not invest in an automated phone system that made a receptionist unnecessary because he knew that a good receptionist was one of the most important people in the building. Someone for your busy customers to connect with right away instead of pushing buttons on the phone. The receptionist was a company's first point of contact, the person who graciously offers coffee, tea or water along with a conversation while clients or customers are waiting to be seen onsite.

The second was that pictures sell ! this was something we heard on a daily basis so we built a plan to showcase each and every piece of equipment that came into our yard. Our online clients could see exactly what they were buying whether they were down the street or across the world.

Pictures are not just to showcase products but also to show customers who we are and tell our story. Pictures are a great way to show appreciation for our employees with photos of them at work and enjoying company functions. What better retirement gift or service award than a group photo or a snap shot of them at work doing what they love.

With Social Media being a great way to advertise no matter what size your business is or what product or service you are selling, a great set of pictures will help get you noticed.

We offer a consultation in person or via phone or email to help come up with a plan to get your business showcased the way you envision. Contact us via the contact me button on the website for more information.

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