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I love to do things that are just a little different and I am lucky in my family to have plenty of subjects willing to work while I hover in the background taking photos, even if I make them stop and re-do things for the perfect shot occasionally.

I was sitting watching my husband work one night seeing the sparks flying around him and thought there was no better way to showcase him in his happy place.

I have taken a few of these photos and printed them on aluminum sheets...because well metal cutting pics on metal for display sounded great to me. (Still waiting for hubby and our older boys to find the need to weld something so I can snap a few pics)

I now have ideas in mind for all sorts of shop work and yard photos that I know will turn out amazing, as we are lucky enough to live and work in one of our countries largest oilfield / industrial areas.

If you would like to showcase your business or have some prints made to hang on your office or home walls that show what you do each day let me know. I would love to expand my portfolio and showcase a few of our local / worldwide businesses in a way that can be enjoyed everyday by you, your employees and clients of your business.

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