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Welcome to Thorsby

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Alberta has many small towns but few can rival the town of Thorsby when it comes to that feeling that welcomes you and makes you feel at home.

I can't quite put my finger on it but driving down the picturesque curved road just past the Welcome to Thorsby sign, I feel just that little bit more relaxed and a little less rushed.

I grew up in a small town myself so maybe its the feeling of coming home or maybe its the way everyone you pass has a smile and a wave whether you are visiting town or you call it home.

I was asked to take a few photos for the town to help promote Thorsby, and show what it has to offer and I have to admit it is just a little more special than I thought at first glance.

They may not have a Tim Hortons or a bunch of chain stores but what this town just a short drive from our bustling city has to offer is far more appealing in my humble opinion.

I don't often get to take my husband and kids along on my jobs but this time I looked forward to seeing things through their eyes as well as my own.

My oldest son joined me with our two younger girls for the Spirit of Thorsby event which was a wonderful experience. With food and games and live music complemented by a local business running a beer garden all in an effort to raise money for Taylor Park located in the center of town on main street, it couldn't have been a more perfect event for them to join in.

My husband and my in laws as well as my daughters & 12 year old son joined in on a few more excursions to see what hidden treasures we could find around town and we were not disappointed.

We found beautiful churches, a great sense of community with not only a seniors center but also a large community center located right across from the heart of the community in my opinion, which is the recreation center. The rec center not only boasts a rink for the local hockey teams to practice and play on but has a well stocked library, a weight room and field house as well as and this is my favorite part, a bowling alley!

Our two girls enjoyed not only the playgrounds but also the nature walk, which we did as a family on the beautiful walking paths located around the lions campground.

With more than 1 family restaurant, schools within walking distance for many and all the other amenities you could ask for in a small town, including a golf course and rodeo grounds Thorsby checks many boxes that we look for in a safe relaxed community to call home.

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