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Why I Now Have a Baby Gate In My Office Door.

I love being able to work from home and be here when my kids and husband need me but of course it comes with challenges as well.

As any photographer knows after the event is finished the editing will take up much of your time, when you are at home working it is sometimes hard for the kids to understand that you may be in the house but you are still at work.

My husband is out at his job for the day when the youngest is home and the 10 year old she likes to follow around is away at school. I have to admit I am lucky to have kids ranging from 19 months up to 19 years, so I do tend to have a few onsite babysitters available most of the time and Grandma is always right around the corner to fill in any gaps

My goal is to take the raw photos I captured and turn them into something my clients will love and cherish for years to come and I tend to get very focused on this goal and sometimes don't notice the little one silently sneaking up to see what mommy is doing.

Today I decided to share with you guys the reason I now have a baby gate in my office door......I love how inquisitive my children are and I think the youngest is a budding editor in the making.

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