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It seems that over the last few years as my children are getting older and family and friends seem to be busier or farther away that the feeling of Christmas has been changing for me. It used to be a time where I would bake cookies and cakes and we made Christmas crafts that would decorate our walls, windows and fridge until not an inch of space was left unadorned by the bright red, green, silver and gold of the season. The last few years Christmas has been pushed back with the tree going up later and later, far less baking has been done and those Christmas crafts the kids used to spend their time creating have been traded in for gatherings with their friends and Christmas coffee at our local coffee shops. I have to thank the Town of Thorsby for bringing back my Christmas Spirit; I am sure my kids appreciated it as well since they all came out of the woodwork Saturday and Sunday when they smelled the Christmas cookies baking at home again this year.

This past weekend I visited the Christmas in the Village event hosted by the Thorsby & District Chamber of Commerce. I found myself transported back to the days when all my kids were still little and life was a bit less busy. My husband and I walked hand in hand taking in the sounds and sights of the season, we both relaxed and enjoyed the evening surrounded by the friendly people who had all come together to support the towns local businesses and get a night out with family and friends in the special little town they all call home.

With a glowing bonfire, Visits with Santa & Mrs. Clause, free smokies, hot chocolate, popcorn, cotton candy & balloons as well as horse drawn carriage rides, which were a hit with young and older alike, the event was a perfect family friendly evening. The laughter of people heading from one shop to another trying to get all their stamps for the business bingo game & the kids giggling and excited to climb into the wagons decorated with lights made my Christmas spirit shine just a little bit brighter. The opportunity to do a little shopping and support the local small businesses was something I as a small business owner can truly appreciate, supporting local keeps our communities thriving and in many cases we are able to find the perfect gift for those we love without having to drive into the city and brave the busy holiday season in the malls. With so many sights to see and people to connect with the night was a great one for myself and I am sure each person that took the time to come out for the Christmas in the Village event went home with at least one or two memories from the evening and a stronger Christmas spirit to carry them through the season.

A spectacular fireworks display at the Rec center was the perfect finale to a wonderful night out. I have fallen in love with the the sense of community & family in the Town of Thorsby, being a part of the celebrations is something I hope to do for many years to come.

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